Update #2 - Our biggest update yet! Phantom Muspah + Leviathan, Huge Data upgrade, and Bug Fixes

Saturday, 20 April 2024, Views: 189

The biggest update on Reason is finally here! This will be the start of documenting all our future updates now and delivering great results with clear cut roadmaps 

First thing to point out is the data upgrade, we have the latest data and this means, new wilderness changes, all the content up to Varlamore can be added now, and lots more exciting stuff with critical bug fixes which required this data upgrade in the first place. With this update out we can focus on the future of Reason now and working with the community on content you want out ASAP! 

Phantom Muspah - New challenging boss. Let us know if you like it!

Drop table can be viewed in-game 


A very challenging boss from OSRS! We really hope you enjoy this one with its full mechanics 

Venator Bow - New item to make 

Nightmare boss is reworked

It should be working properly now. Any other issues let us know 

Wilderness reworked! 

This means all the new OSRS wilderness updates got added, and our world map doesn't reflect the new wilderness yet, but you can go to all these locations and see it in-game already fully working. 

Now let's review the tons of bug fixes we added! 

-Fixed pet for hunting

-Fixed a text bug with selling x to shop

Fixed a graphical bug with trade post

Fixed colossal pouch for RC

Fixed a bug with smuggling for cox

Fixed a bug with smuggling for gauntlet

Fixed infernal harpoon spec

Changed dinhs spec

Fixed Nex instances

Fixed multiple dailies

Removed def req for god chaps

Changed various prices for items in shops

Content additions/Removals 

-Removed Virtus from Nex as we have started adding DT2 Content and Nex doesn’t need to act as a filler anymore 

-Added elves to pickpockets

-Added pet to rc

-Buffed masters

-Buffed bleed them dry perk set

-Added amount to examine for amounts above 100k

-Added infernal harpoon functioning

-Added tangle root pet

-Buffed rate for agility pet

Thank you for reading our first Finished Update post we have posted for Reason. We want to move from the Discord format, and post big updates here, and small hot fixes or small updates on Discord. Let us know if you like this! 

From ReasonPs Staff Team